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Our Services


Bring over thirty-five years of hands-on, successful Lean Manufacturing experience to your factory floor, board room or executive suite. Jon F. Sutter gets to know you and your company from the ground up, enlisting all employees in pursuit of Lean. He presents Lean principles in compelling and engaging ways while assessing the way you do business—and the ways you can eliminate waste.

Your suppliers are part of your flow. Jon F. Sutter is particularly sought after for his unique experience in making your supply chain your partners in Lean Manufacturing. Discover the principles, techniques and tools behind Lean Manufacturing—and see the difference in your bottom line.

Jon F. Sutter Consulting, LLC offers:

  • Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  • Kaikaku (Breakthrough Change)
  • 3P (Production Preparation Process)
  • Lean Supply Chain
  • Corporate Visibility
  • New Product Development
  • Production Site development
  • Hospital Site Development
  • Lean Accounting: The most advanced in the world
  • Takt Time Mapping (© Jon F Sutter 2002)
  • Lean, the Elimination of Waste


Maintaining the principles of Lean Manufacturing requires fine-tuning processes and evaluating progress. Whether you involve your whole staff or design a training for supervisors and managers, Jon F. Sutter's custom workshops are powerful tools. Workshops, seminars and short-term projects tailored to your company will re-energize your team and refocus your efforts.


Bring Jon F. Sutter's informed perspective to your next board meeting, annual meeting or management retreat—and discover a whole new way of looking at leadership. Implementing Lean Manufacturing demands true leadership. Jon presents the differences between leadership and management and challenges listeners to find the vision and values to envision change and the tools they need to model it to employees.


To find out what Jon F. Sutter and Lean Manufacturing
can offer you and your company,
contact us today.

© Jon F. Sutter